Distillers Toolkit

The Distillers Institute Basic Business Planning Template allows you to enter some key figures and see:

  1. Estimated sales per channel, and in total;
  2. Estimated gross profit by sales channel, and in total; and
  3. Estimated net profit, and therefore your estimated potential wage.

In our first course, ‘Planning a successful distillery business”, we expand on this template to estimate what still size you might need. We’ll be in touch when the course is open. 

In the below Basic Business Planning Template the key areas you need to change are shown in the sheet in yellow. They are:

  • Whether you will have your own still or buy in contract spirit from another distillery;
  • If buying spirit in, the price you are paying per litre;
  • Whether you are making non-aged (eg. gin, vodka) or aged (eg. rum or whisky) spirit;
  • What bottle size you will sell in;
  • What ABV your example product will be;
  • The number of bottles you expect to sell in each of the seven sales channels;
  • The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) including GST you expect the product to retail for; and
  • The estimated total overheads for your business. 

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • It assumes you don’t conduct contract production for anyone else;
  • Yellow cells are for you to change;
  • Light blues cells are formulas, don’t overwrite them; and
  • Orange cells are key numbers to monitor.

As our template is read-only you will need to create your own copy to be able to tailor to your business model. To get your own version to play with, make a copy (File> Make a copy) or download as Excel (File> Download).

Disclaimer: The Distillers Institute Pty Ltd is not a registered financial adviser and does not provide financial advice. Seek your own legal, tax and accounting advice.

Download The Distillers Institute Basic Business Planning Template