Who is this Course for?

The course is perfect for someone thinking of starting a distilling or spirits business, or if you have started already and want to fill your knowledge gaps. It can also be useful for people in the wider hospitality and drinks business.

The course will help build knowledge and useful skills in the following areas:

  • Knowledge about distilling
  • Planning your successful distillery, including finances, people and training
  • Marketing a distilling business, including creating and building a brand
  • Product planning, including what to make and how to get it to market
  • Setting up your distillery and determining scale and size, and
  • Navigating compliance, licences and ATO paperwork.

This course is business-focused and has a collection of technical insights. It has been built to bring all the available knowledge about starting in distilling into one location so your business can be ready and successful in the market. The first course is squarely focused on what you need to do to commence the journey and at the end we’ll get you to ask yourself – is this for me?

My hope with this course is that we can provide you a great experience and connection by being part of the course and The Institute. Here’s a sneak peek at our introductory video for Module 1.

Click on the image to play the video.

We have provided a guarantee because we know it will be useful and enjoyable. When you get to the end of this course, you will be clear on what you want to produce, where you can base your business, how much it will cost, what to do to get your paperwork in order, and how to make your dream real.

So join us.